Q&A About Satellite Broadband Internet



Are there any minimum requirements for computers?

A network card is required.
The satellite system can connect to any PC, MAC, or laptop providing there is a network card installed.

What networking equipment is compatible with satellite?

Most third-party networking equipment is compatible with the satellite modem; however there are a few omissions:
• ADSL routers are known not to work with the satellite connection
• DrayTek routers have incompatibility issues, and at this time we do not recommend them to be used with the Tooway system
• Any networking device that does not support DHCP will not work.
The modem relies on DHCP to be issued at all times

Is Satellite Broadband suitable for online gaming?

Not for “real-time” games.
Turn based games may work. To answer this question, it depends on what game you are playing. Games such as chess or other turn-based games where a reaction time is not essential will work. For action games where reaction time is critical then satellite broadband service is not suitable due to the higher ping times of approximately 600ms.

Can I use VoIP with Satellite broadband?

VoIP services such as Skype already work with satellite broadband.

How stable is Satellite broadband in bad weather?

Satellite services as with all types of RF transmission are affected by weather conditions. The aim here is to ensure that the customer do not notice the effect of the weather on the signal. The newer system uses a technology called Adaptive Coding & Modulation (ACM) which enables the system to automatically react to the effects of rain fade. This gives the Satellite network higher reliability in adverse weather and limits the noticeable effect on the QoS.

Can I run a VPN connection over the Satellite?

There are lots of VPN services and applications available on the market, and as yet they are not been able to be tested for every application. If you are looking to run VPN applications we suggest you call one of our dedicated support team for more information.