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Welcome to Angelia!

At the present , without satellite Internet, you have to buy an new Internet connection service or at least you have to pay for a modification settings in order to have servicemen to reinstall the existing devices even if your service provider is the same when each time you move from one location to another. That costs both time and money and makes your life inconvenient.

On the other hand, your connection to Internet strongly relies on the service provided by the onground telecommunications providers, which are in many parts of the world censoring your Internet access. Your freedom of information is mostly compromised in those countries and you have little chance to get rid of them.

And now imagine a day when you just switch from one service provider to another per mouth click and online payment using all satellite Internet services available, provided you own the necessary access equipments at hands.. Or if you are satisfied with their services you can always use their services any time in any locations of the world, unless the service provider is covering all the regions of your living. With proper equipment and properly configured settings, you will be able to surf the web without the fear of being interrupted by a local telecom service in your country, where there is strict censorship, like China, Iran, North Korea etc.

We're sure that day is near and therefore endeavor to help achieve that goal with our services.


At the moment this is the only industrial portal dedicated exclusively to the satellite broadband industry. You will find information about:

  • Knowledge about the satellite broadband Internet and its key technologies and components
  operators Major satellite operators and solution providers
  research Apart from that we're planning to integrate a research and design community into this portal, which will gather together all interesting parties to participate into a worldwide intellectual development program for the research, development and design of some of the key areas and technologies of the satellite broadband Internet, for example modulators, demodulators, coding and error correction techniques, filters, amplifiers and frequency converters etc. We will also explore some of the basic sciences behind the technological advancement.
In one word, this site will serve as the key information, academic, technological and business platform for the satellite broadband industry, which will be coming up soon and will be one of the major driving engine of economic and technological development over the next decades.
In addition to its function as an industry portal, we also provide our expertise available to our satellite broadband clients worldwide. These expertise help you quickly dive into the business with our years of experiences in the industry and academia. Here below are some of them for you:


Consulting for the Satellite Broadband Internet Service and Solution

Angelia has contributed strongly to the success of established technology developers, service providers, enterprises and startup ventures in these areas, including the following examples:

  • Design of national and regional satellite networks to deliver broadband Internet employing the DVB-S/S2/S2X standards
  • Preliminary and detailed design of a global satellite communications network;
  • Selection of appropriate satellite capacity;
  • Definition of the ground segment;
  • Selection of user terminals;
  • Review and improvement of technical and management operations;
  • Assessing and valuing new satellite and broadband communications technologies, such as Internet Protocol adaptation for wide area networking and use of frequencies above 10 GHz for broadband access and backbone services;
  • Due diligence of a hardware manufacturer in the satellite microwave field.


Design of Satellite Broadband Internet Modem IP Cores & ICs

We're designing some of the state-of-the art satellite based broadband Internet modem IP cores.

The modem IPs are designed for use in satellite based broadband Internet communications for home and professionals and will also be made available to businesses, communities, governments and the defense in the future.

The IP cores can be incorporated into various satellite terminals, indoor units and modems on the ground.

Various satellite technologies, modulation and demodulation technologies, coding technologies, error correction schemes, VLSI technologies - FPGA, DSP, GPU, SDR, etc are applied to make the design compatible with the latest chip technologies and its extensibility.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.